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A great way to promote your event is to get a story in the paper before the event. We can get two stories before the event with a little bit of work:

  • A story about you collecting shoes (here’s an example from someone who hasn’t been in the media before)
  • A story in the week before the event

This will help advertise the event and get more shoe donations.

Contact us for help getting local media.

What you need for the story

  • Someone to be in the story, it doesn’t have to be you
  • Some shoes (they don’t have to be the ones you are donating)
  • A contact for the local media (you can find in google or contact us)
  • Basic information about the roadshow (
    • What we are doing
    • Why we are doing it
    • The local shoe drop off point (so we can advertise it)
  • They’ll want to know why you are collecting shoes, why is it important to you
  • They might ask what you think the impact of the shoes is, or what you think of the shoes
  • Simon’s contacts for media comment: and 027 526 8704

Getting media interest

  • We can help if you need it. (They’ll want to speak to us anyway.)
  • There are two ways to get a story:
    • Write a press release to email to journalists (we can help), or
    • Cold call the local paper and explain the story over the phone.
  • If you have difficulty getting interest, contact us.

What the story will include

  • A photo of you with shoes (doesn’t have to be the ones you are donating)
  • What we are doing
  • Why you are helping
  • What you think of the project
  • Why we are taking the shoes around
  • Details for the local drop off point
  • Comment from about what we’re hoping to achieve.

You’ll see each of these points in Natalie’s story in the local Kerikeri newspaper below. (It was even printed in Invercargill!)

More than 500 pairs of shoes are being collected throughout the country to form a visual representation of the Kiwi lives lost to suicide.

Kerikeri woman Natalie Blakey is collating footwear on behalf of Yes We Care, a campaign by the Public Services Association.

The shoes – 579 pairs – are a representation of the number of New Zealanders who died from suicide from June 2015 to June 2016 (according to data from the Coroner’s Office). Of these 21 were from Northland.

They will form part of a roadshow from Cape Reinga on August 26, culminating in Wellington, where shoes will be placed on the steps of Parliament on September 10 which is also International Suicide Prevention Day.

At each shoe event, a local person affected by suicide will tell their personal story, holding a pair of their loved ones shoes, while standing in front of the backdrop of the 579 pairs.

Blakey says it is a scary way of looking at how often suicide is happening.

She says her partner lost a close friend to suicide, so the cause is dear to her.

“It’s not talked about, but it does happen – it’s scary to think that it happens so often.

“It will be a really big eye opener to see how many people should have been standing there.”

Yes We Care co-ordinator Simon Oosterman​ says it will be a very strong and visual image of the Kiwis we have lost.

They are campaigning for the Government to hold an independent mental health inquiry and set a suicide reduction target, among other health issues affecting New Zealanders.

He says 200 families touched by suicide, wanted the organisation’s help to raise awareness around suicide prevention.

“If the Government can’t even agree on a reduction target, what’s the chance of an aspirational goal of zero?” Oosterman says.

He says 77 per cent of New Zealanders also support an independent inquiry into mental health services.

Yes We Care is a health funding coalition of community groups, health service-users/patients and their families as well as people working in health.

The coalition believes that every Kiwi should get the care they need when the need it, Oosterman says.

Details for Northland events are yet to be confirmed. A separate roadshow will also make its way from Bluff to Wellington.

To donate shoes up to August 18 contact Natalie on 021 0867 1031.