How to run the event on the day

///How to run the event on the day
How to run the event on the day 2017-08-14T16:50:50+00:00


  • The campervan with shoes will arrive in town the day before the event or early on the morning.
  • If we have enough volunteers we’ll setup from 11am and pack down by 2pm.
  • If there are less than 10 volunteers the organiser will start setting up earlier to ensure everything is setup on time. If you can join us that would be awesome.
  • Note we won’t change the publicised times regardless of how many volunteers we get.

Key times

9am – 11am Set up time (if needed)
11am – 12 noon Publicised set up time
11.45 am – 12.15pm Last minute prep with spokesperson
12 noon – 1pm Media time
1 – 2 pm Publicised pack down time
2 – 4pm Pack down time (if needed)

Due to the need to take the shoes to the next venue, the time shoes can be up is limited. However, if we get enough volunteers it means we have more time to keep the shoes up at the previous days event.

What to bring

  • Gloves (for handling shoes)
  • Your volunteers
  • Your local media spokesperson

What we need to do

1. Remove the shoes from the trailer

  • The shoes are stored in the trailer in plastic bags or plastic bins to make it easier to move them and to reduce the potential for getting wet.
  • Shoes either have shoelaces tied or they are paired, loose in a bag.

2. Set out the shoes

It is important the shoes are placed in straight lines for the most striking photo. Setting up the shoes might take a few hours, but the photo lasts for ever.

On steps or paving stones

  • Line up shoes using the natural lines of the steps of paving stones

On grass

  1. We create a square or rectangle area by placing four pegs in each corner with string (and a diagonal to help get it square)
  2. We line up shoes horizontally from the front using the string line
  3. We then line up shoes vertically using string line.

3. Put the shoes back into the trailer

  • Re-tie any shoes shoes together with shoe laces that have come a part
  • Ensure the same pair of shoes stay together in the same box or it will make the next volunteers life hard!
  • Stack the shoes carefully into the trailer

Health and safety

  • Wear gloves whenever you hold shoes
  • After the event wash your hands with sanitising cream
  • Don’t carry more than a safe limit
  • Ensure roadshow gloves are washed every day before use