Finding a suitable location for the event

///Finding a suitable location for the event
Finding a suitable location for the event 2017-08-15T10:14:08+00:00

Email us four potential sites, including a rain option, so we can work together on choosing the best site.

Location matters

  • Easily accessible (can we get the shoes there)
  • Be well-known locally (help helps give the story a new local angle) – If people look at the photo will they know immediately it’s your town?
  • Will the location look good in a photo?
  • Keep in mind if it will require permission
  • Does it look stunning (along a well known local pier, or outside of an amazing building like

On Friday 297 crosses were installed in front of New Plymouth's Len Lye Centre, to protest against Health and Safety ...

An example of an amazing location in New Plymouth used by a health and safety event.

Note: While having a location that is close to the centre of town can be useful, keep in mind the main goal of the event is a good photo. More people will see the photo than see the event in person.

Locations to stay away from:

  • Memorials for fallen soldiers
  • Places of significance for a bereaved family that doesn’t have permission
  • MP’s offices