Take a selfie-story (5 min)

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Self-stories are a great way to share personal stories

Self-stories about health underfunding, our mental health crisis, suicide, unaffordable care and unhealthy homes show people the impact of underfunding in ways figures like $2.3b of underfunding won’t ever. Empathy helps make change.

We’ll share your self-stories on our website and the most popular ones on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’ll share a video with the best ones.

Download our instructions as a PDF.

How to take a great selfie-story

  1. A plain piece of A4 paper
  2. A dark pen or marker
  3. A smartphone or camera

Write a short, simple story about how health underfunding, our mental health crisis, suicide, unaffordable healthcare or unhealthy homes have affects or matters you.

What makes a good story?

  1. KISS: Keep It Simple Silly. 1 – 3 sentences. Use simple language. No acronyms.
  2. Show, don’t tell: Describe how an issue affects you or matters, not just what it is.
  3. Make it personal, use a real example. Personal = empathy
  4. Answering these questions will help you write a powerful story:
  • How have I been affected by health underfunding, our mental health crisis, suicide, high workloads or unhealthy homes?
  • How did it affect me, my family or my patient? (Did you or a patient miss out on something you/they needed?)
  • How did it make me, my family or patient feel?
  • Can you give a specific example?

5. Don’t disclose someone else’s personal information.


Statement / Tell

Story / Show (real examples)

“The mental health system is broken” “I’m depressed and need support but there are no services to help me. I don’t just need pills, I want to understand my situation.”
“Waiting lists for surgery are too long” “My father had to live in intense pain for ten months while waiting for his hip operation.”
“We don’t have enough funding / resources” “We only have enough pillows for one per patient. If someone needs two, we have to buy them ourselves, from our minimum wage pay.”
“We need more staff” / “I’m overworked” “A young new mum needed my shoulder to cry on. I was too busy thinking of my next job. I felt awful, but we’re under so much pressure.”
  1. Leave a 2cm margin on your paper
  2. Hand write clearly: “I’m [first name]. I’m a [mum, nurse, friend etc]” or if anonymous “I’m a [etc]”.
  3. Write your story
  4. Write one of the following:
    • #Mental Health Inquiry Now
    • #Safe Staffing Safe Patients
    • #Healthy Homes Healthy Kids
    • #Better Funding Better Health
  1. Write “YesWeCare.nz” in bold at the bottom of the page, including capitals.
  • Anonymous: hold paper over some or all of your face. (It will still be personal if you can tell there is a person in the photo.) Top photo.
  • Public: hold paper so you face is visible. Bottom photo.


How to take a great photo

  • Easy to read
  • You can tell you are a real person
  • Paper takes up 50%+ of image
  • Good lighting, no shadows
  • Fingers don’t cover the text
  • The background isn’t cluttered (stand in front of a white wall or a door)

Use the form below.