Moderation Software For Video

Moderation software for video is a powerful tool that can help businesses filter out content that is not in line with their company guidelines. It can also help users stay safe and avoid offensive or obscene content.

The best moderation software for video uses automated filtering technologies to remove unwanted content from videos. It can improve user experience, reduce time spent on moderating content and help organizations keep their social media platforms organized.


Sightengine is a moderation software for video that’s designed to work with live and on-demand content. It scans videos in real-time, and can detect and flag inappropriate content.

SightEngine uses state-of-the-art deep learning technology to analyze and moderate images, text, and videos. Their simple API allows you to easily integrate it into your site or app.

To get started with Sightengine, you will need to create an account. From there, you can choose to use their free plan or one of the paid plans.

Then, you will need to specify a callback URL where moderation events will be sent. The moderation engine will send a POST request to this URL every time a frame is detected with nudity_raw or nudity_partial levels above your defined thresholds.

CleanSpeak’s Image API uses SightEngine’s machine learning to reject vulgar/sexual/harmful/violent images automatically based on your community tolerance level. This helps you control the flow of information and keep your community safe.

Hive Moderation

Hive Moderation is cloud-based content moderation software that uses machine learning to examine and moderate user-generated video. It’s been adopted by hundreds of platforms, from small communities to the largest and most well-known online content platforms.

Its models are based on training data from thousands of users and can be scaled easily to keep up with growth. They’re also easy to integrate with other tools, like Stream Chat.

You can use Hive’s AI model to automatically identify and flag inappropriate images in a way that’s simple and fast. They can detect NSFW and other sensitive content, such as weapons or drugs.

Platforms can then enforce content policies by sending messages to their human moderators for review. Using Moderation Dashboard, they can easily visualize posts and quickly see Hive model predictions to inform a final decision. They can then select moderation actions for that post, including automated or manual moderation. The interface also includes a Content Feed that displays all posts that have been moderated.


A new tool launched by the American company Respondology helps brands hide hateful comments on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. It works by combining artificial intelligence with a backup team of human monitors.

A report by The Athletic claims six Premier League clubs are in talks with the tech company about a deal which would see abuse hidden away on their players’ social media posts. The FA has also shown interest in the technology and some European competitions are in touch with it too.

The company’s technology automatically removes troll comments, racist and homophobic hate speech and spam from social posts. It is used by a number of sports teams, including the NFL and NBA, and it has been praised for its effectiveness.

The tool can be customised by club or individual clients to add keywords to filter out specific terms. It can also be a standalone solution or rolled into the club’s overall social media strategy.


LiveWorld provides a social media content moderation software solution. Their software is designed to remove spam and malware from images, videos and forums within minutes. The software is powered by a Superhuman Vision AI engine that runs 15 times faster than real time and features more than 10,000 preloaded tags.

Their online moderation services also boast a number of features, including an interactive moderation dashboard that allows brands to monitor their social networks from a variety of angles. They even have a team of social media security experts who can help brands protect themselves from malicious content.

They also offer a customer service platform that integrates social media, messaging apps and SMS into one feed. Their other notable software offerings include a conversational marketing solution for Facebook Messenger and an enterprise chatbot management platform. The company has an impressive employee base, with more than a third of its workforce in the US. They have a strong culture and offer competitive benefits.