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21 05, 2017

TVNZ: ‘Any kind of delay is totally unacceptable’ – Cancer Society + Video

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YesWeCare.nz supporter Margaret Richardson had to wait 10 weeks to see her cancer specialist. She says $1.1b in health funding needed to maintain the status quo due to an increase in population and costs won't help those already missing out. Source: https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/any-kind-delay-totally-unacceptable-cancer-society-says-patients-suffering-long-waits-treatment-isnt-fair

21 05, 2017

$1.1b needed for health won’t help those already missing out

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$1.1b needed for health won't help those already missing out The extra $1.1b required to maintain current health services won't help those already missing out, says health coalition. The senior Doctors union and the Council of Trade Unions announced today that at least $1.1b is required to maintain current health services. The unions calculated the [...]

14 05, 2017

Rural Kiwis still worse off than big cities

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High-resolution photos available here. Rural Kiwis will still get less care than big cities after today's ambulance funding announcement, says YesWeCare.nz. The Government announced an extra 430 St John Ambulance staff over the next four years at a press conference today. The new staffing will include around 300 new unqualified "Emergency Care Assistants" [...]

4 05, 2017

Continued Government denial astounding

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The Government has again denied our growing mental health crisis at their big Mental Health announcement, says health funding coalition YesWeCare.nz. The Health Minister today announced a “Claytons” mental health funding increase that will have to be found from within existing District Health Board budgets. YesWeCare.nz Campaign Coordinator Simon Oosterman says the Governments ongoing denial [...]

24 04, 2017

Shadow cast over increased mental health funding

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The Government's continued denial of a mental health crisis casts a shadow over today's mental health funding announcement, says YesWeCare.nz. Prime Minister Bill English announced extra funding on Three’s AM Show this morning. English gave no details of the increase while ruling out an independent review. YesWeCare.nz campaign coordinator Simon Oosterman says the announcement was more about politics than health. "The Government wants to be [...]