Buller Hospital Action Group

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Buller Hospital Action Group is a grassroots community group of concerned Westport residents and hospital staff who want to stop the Westport Integrated Family Health Centre (IFHC) from going ahead in its current form. 

The official Buller Hospital Action Group facebook page is here. Sign up to the march through Westport on Saturday 16 August.

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More information

  • The Westport Integrated Family Health Centre (IFHC) will replace the Buller Hospital and Buller Health Medical Centre.
  • Buller Hospital has 35 beds: eight general, one palliative, two maternity and 20 aged care.
  • The Dunsford aged care ward which will close in 2018.
  • The IFHC will have seven beds: six general and one palliative.
  • The new build was first planned in 2010.
  • It is due for completion in early 2019, four years later than planned.
  • The cost of the planned Integrated Family Health Centre (IFHC) has risen by 25 percent.
  • ACC will lease the building back to the DHB for between $750,000 and $1m a year, not including maintenance costs, according to ASMS.
  • ACC can sell the business at another private owner at any stage.
  • Private ownership of public hospital buildings in England has been a disaster due to being too expensive.
  • The senior doctors union (ASMS), DHB member Michelle Lomax, Former DHB member John Vaile, estimate the arrangement will syphon hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars from health care.
  • Despite questions from The Westport News, the DHB wouldn’t confirm if the arrangement would result in less care.
  • Locals weren’t notified when the proposed floor area was cut by 15 percent.
  • There will be difficulties managing patient privacy in cramped spaces.
  • There will be more patient transfers to Greymouth due to a reduction in services.
  • Buller has a significant risk of being cut-out from the rest of the south Island.