Rural Kiwis need two qualified ambos too

Rural Kiwis need two qualified ambos too 2017-05-18T10:23:27+00:00

My name is Dorothy. I’m a rural paramedic and I work on my own in an ambulance. This puts my patients at risk at the most vulnerable time in their lives.

The Government just announced extra staff for rural and provincial ambulances. But most will be clinically-unqualified assistants.

Moving from working on my own to working with an assistant is a late step in the right direction. But to deliver the best patient outcomes, I need to work with another qualified officer.

Instead of saving lives Bill English is trying to save $4.5m. Ambulance officers, patients and a 2008 government inquiry want two qualified staff in every ambulance.

An unqualified assistant can’t give most live saving treatment. They don’t have the clinical skill or authority to do what I do.

Two qualified staff are essential in critical life-saving situations and where there is more than one patient. Examples include cardiac arrests, vehicle accidents and complicated births.

That’s why the government funds two qualified officers in most urban areas.

Prime Minister, I can’t stand for this. I’ve started this petition with to demand you fix this dangerous plan.

The Government’s final budget decision on funding is days away, so I need your help today if we’re to fix this. Please sign my petition asking the Prime Minister for an extra $4.5m to ensure everyone working in an ambulance is clinically-qualified. Please don’t let people suffer waiting for another qualified ambulance officer in a rural or provincial town like mine.

Read our background document to find out more.