Ambulance funding media action

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We’ve just been leaked information about ambulance funding and we need your help.

Rural and provincial communities, ambulance officers and GPs have been fighting to end “single-crewing” of ambulances for years. Single crewing is where one qualified ambulance officer works on their own in an ambulance. It’s not safe for the patient or staff.

In most metro areas they have two medically-qualified ambulance officers (“double crewing”) which ensures patients get optimal care and the best patient outcome.

But the Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday isn’t going to be that rural areas will finally get what metro areas already have.

They want single-crewed officers to work with an unqualified driver with advanced first aid training instead (“assisted-single crewing”). Assisted-single crewing is a very late step in the right direction, but it still doesn’t provide double-crewing as recommended by the 2008 Select Committee Inquiry into Ambulances.

Medically-unqualified assistants won’t be able or allowed to provide the care Kiwis need, when they most need it. Examples include a critical life-saving intervention or where there are two or more patients, such as a high-speed vehicle accident or complicated pregnancy.

We only need an additional $5.5m of Government funding for the roles to be medically qualified. For the Government, that’s not a lot of money.

With a bit of pressure, we can get the Government to commit to medically qualified staff in all ambulances.

Here’s how you can help:

Help make ambulance professional cut-outs

Ambulance underfunding media action

We look forward to seeing you.