Allergy Blend Honey

Honey is a natural sweetener that contains important nutrients and offers great flavor. It also has unique properties that make it an excellent cooking ingredient.

Unfortunately, honey is expensive to produce and an easy target for fraud. Fraudsters often dilute real honey with cheap syrup made from rice, corn or sugar beet.

Manuka Honey Blend

Honey is a natural low-calorie sweetener that is an alternative to sugar. Manuka Honey is revered for its health and wellness properties such as promoting healthy gums, inhibiting less-than-friendly bacteria that leads to gingivitis and supporting wound healing.

This special type of honey is produced by bees that collect nectar from the Leptospermum scotica plant, which is only found in New Zealand. It is scientifically tested and verified to ensure consistent quality. Every batch of Manuka honey is tested for various attributes including methylglyoxal (MG), the unique chemical that gives this honey its antibacterial properties.

The only honey that can be classified as a true Manuka honey is the one that has been verified by independent and accredited laboratories to contain the required monofloral characteristics. This means it must have at least a MG of 250+, which correlates with its therapeutic properties. Honey with a lower MG will be labelled as multi-floral and will not have the same therapeutic benefits.

Corn Syrup Blend

Corn syrup is a liquid sweetener that works well in baked goods, candies, and sauces. It can be found in supermarkets’ baking aisles in light and dark varieties. The light version is typically mildly flavored and resembles table sugar, while the dark variety includes molasses for a deep, rich flavor and caramel coloring.

Like other types of liquid sweeteners, corn syrup has water binding properties that can help preserve foods and prevent dryness or staleness. It also enhances flavors in recipes without overpowering them.

If you are looking for a corn syrup substitute, consider alternatives such as maple syrup or blend honey. These natural sweeteners have unique flavor notes and boast health benefits. They are also eco-friendly since maple syrup is harvested from trees without harming them, and honey is produced by bees. However, some of these natural sweeteners may require more energy and resource-intensive processes to produce and transport than corn syrup. This can affect their overall sustainability.

Smoked Honey Blend

For six months Kris experimented with flavours and techniques, but he settled on smoking honey. It doesn’t need refrigeration and the only thing that can spoil it is water – and the smoky flavour blends so well with the natural sweetness of honey that it’s hard to beat.

Drizzle over ice cream for a unique dessert, add to a charcuterie board or use as a glaze for grilled meats. It’s also excellent in cocktails.

Adding spices like cinnamon and chili flakes during the smoking process gives a spicy, warm twist to the honey or try adding a splash of bourbon for an adult beverage. Whether it’s drizzled over a breakfast of hot biscuits and fried eggs, on a smoked lamb or pork roast, in cocktails or as a simple addition to a salad dressing, smoked honey has a unique smoky-sweet flavour that enhances so many dishes. Raw local honey is gently smoked and blended with selected artisan ingredients to produce this small batch gourmet product.

Flower Powered Honey Allergy Blend

Honey is known to be an allergy cure by many people because it has the ability to naturally build immunity to local pollens through regular consumption. Our Allergy Blend is a supercharged version of our nice sweet raw wildflower honey with 10 times more pollen. This makes it the perfect allergy cure to add to teas, coffees, smoothies and toast or as a natural sweetener in your favorite recipes.

HONEY FEAST is proud to create this truly American honey, supporting beekeepers from around the country. We combine wildflower honey from our own apiaries with pollen from across the nation to create a national allergy blend.

The result is a natural, unfiltered honey with a rich, buttery texture and flavor. This honey is perfect for sampling, gift baskets and presents, or as a unique stocking stuffer. Comes in a 2-oz honey bear bottle, which is the ideal size for sampling and travel.