Kiwis are missing out

Kiwis are missing out 2017-02-14T13:10:59+00:00
New Zealanders aren’t getting the healthcare they need.

1 in 9 Kiwis can’t afford a GP. 174,000 of us need surgery, but can’t get on a waiting list. If you do get on one, you’ll wait 304 days on average. That’s a third longer than three years ago. Many get sicker, waiting. Mental Health services can’t keep up with increased demand… and the list goes on.

The Government has underfunded health by $1.85 billion.

Funding hasn’t kept up with an ageing, growing population. People working in health do a great job. They’re trying to fill the gap, but they’re stretched and tired. It’s not surprising: $1.85b is equal to 9,250 doctors or 22,840 nurses (or 74,000 hip operations).

Help make health funding a key election issue in 2017. is a new alliance of people working in health and the community. Our goal is to ensure every Kiwi gets the care they need when they need it. We’ve got an ambitious plan to get healthcare back to something we can all be proud of. To win, we need to build a movement. And it starts with you.