$1.1b needed for health won’t help those already missing out

$1.1b needed for health won’t help those already missing out

The extra $1.1b required to maintain current health services won’t help those already missing out, says health coalition.

The senior Doctors union and the Council of Trade Unions announced today that at least $1.1b is required to maintain current health services.

The unions calculated the number from data released by Government departments including Treasury.

The figure takes into account population growth, inflation, wages and new initiatives.

The announcement comes ahead of the Government’s Budget release this Thursday.

YesWeCare.nz is a new coalition of community groups, patients and people working in health seeking a fully-funded health system.

Coalition coordinator Simon Oosterman says maintaining the status quo isn’t enough.

“An extra $1.1b in health funding will only maintain the status quo and won’t help people already missing out,” he says. “It won’t resolve the mental health crisis or help the increasing number of Kiwis who need surgery but can’t get on a public waiting list.”

Oosterman says anything less than $1.1b will be a cut in real terms and will see more people missing out.

YesWeCare.nz has been collecting stories of people affected by health underfunding to show how it impacts everyday people.

Stories include Collette Smith and her now two year old Otis featured in today’s Herald on Sunday.

Mrs Smith says she had to fundraise $50,000 to get Otis a cochlear ear implant so he could hear better because the Government wouldn’t fund it.

“Every child should start life with the best opportunities,” she says. “An extra $1.1b won’t help families like mine who don’t receive health funding but would benefit from it.”

The coalition invites the public to share their health underfunding stories at yeswecare.nz/share-your-story.


For Editors

The Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS) and Council of Trade Union’s (CTU) analysis and calculations are are available at: http://www.union.org.nz/?attachment_id=4366


Funding required for each District Health Board

Funding required to maintain current levels for each District Health Board have been calculated for the first time. Please note that this does not include certain additional costs including those of the $303 million TerraNova pay equity settlement, which will be additional costs for each DHB.

DHB Increase required (excluding additional costs) New total operational expenses required DHB Increase required (excluding additional costs) New total operational expenses required
$m $m $m $m
Auckland 69 1,237 Northland 26 566
Bay of Plenty 36 706 South Canterbury 7 180
Canterbury 75 1,401 Southern 35 858
Capital and Coast 37 746 Tairawhiti 7 162
Counties-Manukau 73 1,402 Taranaki 16 343
Hawkes Bay 21 490 Waikato 59 1,156
Hutt 16 391 Wairarapa 6 138
Lakes 14 314 Waitemata 85 1,485
MidCentral 19 504 West Coast 5 130
Nelson-Marlborough 20 425 Whanganui 8 220



  • YesWeCare.nz Campaign Coordinator Simon Oosterman is available for interview on 027 526 8704.
  • People working in health and patients affected by health underfunding from across the country are available for interview through Simon Oosterman.



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