Nico’s travelog day 20: Waitakere and North Shore

After a bit of a late start (Sorry team), we set up outside Waitakere hospital for day 20 of the Yes We Care roadshow. This was the 4th Auckland launch, after already hitting Pukekohe, Botany, and Middlemore. Later in the day we headed to the north shore for a stop outside Northshore hospital. We were down a member of our team on account of Simon, who was away at a wedding. But other than some initial madness on account of the huge turnout of volunteers and a tight location, the day went pretty smoothly.

The local west Auckland reporter really got into the swing of things, getting in-depth responses from people and setting up a facebook live feed for over 25minutes. We had some great questions coming through that we were able to engage with and answer throughout the live stream.

I spoke to local emergency department nurse Hamish there about his concerns. He was finding that people preferred to come to the emergency department, over the local accident and medical clinic because of cost. He would like to see primary health care properly funded so emergency departments can be kept for emergencies. The current funding model means we have an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, yet we need to stop people from going over the cliff in the first place.

Adequately funded primary health care would mean people can get the help they need, before it gets to the point they need hospital level care. An ageing and growing population needs the funding to match that need. In this election year, help us get it, by sharing your story.


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