Nico’s travelog day 18: Pukekohe

Day 18 of the Yes We Care roadshow saw us arrive in Pukekohe for the first stop on our Auckland leg of the journey. There was a great turnout from the PSA and midwives today to help with the 29th setup of our health worker cut-outs. But we almost didn’t make it to Pukekohe, a poorly timed U-turn saw us almost going into a ditch and getting our front wheel caught. But some quick unhitching of the trailer, and assistance from the local fire service, saw us on the road again.

We had a plethora of stories waiting for us in Puke, one of them highlights the cruel way that underfunding impacts our elderly. Eileen spoke to us about her long wait for knee surgery. She had waited 2 years for her first knee surgery, then due to favouring her other leg, required surgery for that one as well. However, after waiting another 2 years, and being bumped off the waiting list 4 times, has been told she cannot be placed on the waiting list again as she is too overweight. She’s 1kg over the threshold, and is unable to exercise due to the pain in her knee.

The high threshold for people to get care in New Zealand means many people miss out on the care they need. … talked to us about her (age) son … who was profoundly deaf in one ear, which could be rectified with a cochlear implant. However, it is only funded for people who need them for both ears, meaning they had to fundraise the $70,000 (not sure if that was the cost) it costs themselves.

We have the skills and the technology to make a huge impact on people’s lives in New Zealand, yet underfunding has created massive barriers to getting that assistance. We need a health service that works for all kiwis, and people shouldn’t have to suffer because funding hasn’t kept up with an ageing and growing population. If you have a health story you’d like to share go to

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