Nico’s travelog day 16: Tauranga

From sightseeing in Rotorua, to the sweltering coast of Tauranga, it’s day 16 of the Yes We Care roadshow. We had a great turnout outside Tauranga hospital with NZNO, PSA and parents of people with autism representing. It’s always refreshing when we have a good turnout of people, it makes the setup faster and shows us the support people have for the campaign.

This campaign is all about hearing local stories. Today we heard from …  who after an injury needing an Xray, discovered her cancer had returned after a 10 year remission. She was given ever shifting dates for when she could see an Oncologist, but they kept moving the goal posts. In the Tauranga area, there’s only one Oncologist, leading to long delays for patients requiring assessment and treatment for cancer. This is a common occurrence we’ve come across as we’ve travelled the country, not enough staff to do the jobs needed.

Another person we spoke to today was … who as a mother of 3 children on the Autism spectrum, had been fight for years to get her children the appropriate levels of care they needed. Once they turn 18, all the funding is lost, and there is no further support for people with Autism. She fought for 5 years to get her son the support he needed, but ironically he only received the necessary care after he went through the criminal justice system. This is a group of people who fall between the cracks of the New Zealand health service, stuck between physical and mental health services.

We need a health system that works for everyone, so they can get the care they need, when they need it. If you have a story about how health underfunding affects you, share it with us at

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