Nico’s travelog day 14: Whakatane and Taupo

After a much needed day of rest, some surf lessons for Steave, a beautiful gorge drive, and rapids, we were back into it for day 14 of the Yes We Care roadshow. But not before we managed to get our trusty touring van bogged down in soft sand as we tried to get some beach footage. Some quick thinking on Steave’s part allowed us to escape a potentially disastrous misadventure.

In the morning we set up outside the Whakatane hospital, here we heard about the impacts of underfunding on admin staff. Caps on admin numbers and reduced hours has meant a shifting of administration tasks onto frontline staff, such as nurses and doctors, reducing the amount of time they get to spend with patients. It also means that the numbers of doctors admin are responsible for has increased from 4-6, up to 8-10 now, increasing their workload.

In Taupo we had a really positive response from the community, setting up on the lakefront in front of the busy iconic trout intersection. Many tourists stopping by from the UK could relate to what we are doing. They talked about the systematic underfunding the NHS has undergone, gutting their once comprehensive public health system. Our health service could go the same way if we don’t do something about it. In this election year we want to hear from you. Share your story at

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