Nico’s travelog day 12: Hastings

From the West coast to the East coast, it’s day 12 of the Yes We Care roadshow and today we made it to Hastings. We had a great turnout from First union today, and special thanks goes out to the ambos who made it along. We also picked up Sunny, who stepped in to provide video support and we’ve thrown her in the deep end. She’s captured some award winning steam roller scenes to highlight how flat out our health workers are. Watch this space.

Talking with some of the ambos, they have a lot of concerns about single crewing ambulances, which down here is the norm. They also talked about how there are moves to have more casual Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) and volunteers make up those single crews. This is extremely concerning, because when you have an ambulance arriving at a major road traffic crash, you want people who can safely manage that situation. This highlights the tight financial environment our ambulance services are operating under. Ambulance offices have been in the media recently speaking up about their concerns surrounding this worrying trend.

People who work in health are right to be concerned, we are being stretched beyond what should be acceptable. I spoke to one woman who was concerned her daughter (who’s a nurse), was constantly late home from work, due to not being able to finish on time. Too many health workers stay on longer to help out colleagues, or to write their notes, all on their own time. People go into health care to help people, yet so often they are taken advantage of. These situations, even though they seem innocent, mean so much of the health service is run on free labour, and leads to burnout for those who are just trying to help. If we don’t stand up and say something, then ultimately it’s our patients who suffer.

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