Nico’s travelog day 9: Masterton

It was an early start for us today on day 9 of the Yes We Care roadshow, with our set up in Masterton scheduled to kick off at 7am! A big PSA crew came up from Wellington, so special thanks to them for making it up, and to those who came over to Palmerston north for the afternoon. We were luckily able to dry out a lot of our equipment which made the job of setting up all the easier. Many crowds of on lookers came out to chat and enquire about the cut-outs. This has been a constant throughout the roadshow, curious onlookers wondering what’s going on. Yet each and every person has been fully supportive of what we’re doing when they find out.

Everyone has had stories to share, but people who work in health have been scared to speak out publically. There’s this common misconception that we’re running into a lot that people who work in health are unable to speak out. Yet people who work in health are actually protected by law when speaking out about issues of understaffing and under resourcing. This misconception is reinforced by emails from DHB’s that are being leaked to us instructing staff not to speak to us. This has resulted in people who work in health continuing to put up with conditions that compromises patient safety.

This needs to change, and that’s what we’re doing going into this election year. Giving a voice to those who didn’t know they had one. Because this issue is bigger than individual DHB’s, it’s a central government issue. When we can find billions of dollars for roading projects that shave off 8 minutes in travel time, yet can’t afford to fund adequate healthcare, we don’t have the right priorities.

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