Sana Dananuda, Pasifika Health Trust

Marlborough’s Pasifika community needs a nurse who understands them.

“It’s a complicated issue to explain, but a simple one to fix,’’ says Sana Daunauda from the Pasifika Health Trust. “It’s about our first and second generation immigrant families, they understand immunisation, they will take their children along, but if it’s something like skin disease, a knee injury or cervical screening they won’t go to the doctor until a nurse or someone checks them first. Then they are comfortable going to the doctor.”

While it sounds like an issue around information, Daunauda says there are deep cultural issues at play, and it requires someone who understands those aspects to bring about change.

Otherwise the result is that people go untreated and the problem becomes for more costly and difficult to remedy.

As a result, Daunauda has been lobbying for funding to enable the employment of a nurse, but has been unable to make any progress.

“What is happening is that people will go the emergency department, and they are already very busy, when they should be going to a family doctor. There is a simple fix.”

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