Nico’s travelog day 6: Nelson

It was a beautiful drive up the west coast on day 6 of the Yes We Care roadshow, and we managed to get the drone up for some stunning shots along the way. But heavy traffic along the rerouted number 1 highway meant we were running a bit late for our nelson action. Luckily we had a good number of people ready to help setup outside Nelson hospital, which also proved to be our busiest traffic location so far. 

A staff member spoke to me about the increases in patient volumes coming through the emergency department as a result of the road rerouting from the Kaikoura earthquake. More road traffic crashes and a high number of tourists put an increased strain on their department. They also faced issues of staffing, specifically a lack of staff when people call in sick and hiring freezes due to budgetary constraints.  

I found it interesting that they have an afterhours urgent care clinic right next to the emergency department, which on the surface seems like it would be a good idea. But due to the cost and often lengthy wait times, it gets bypassed and people go straight to the emergency department. This is an increasing issue nationwide, as 1 in 9 kiwis can’t afford to see their family doctor, waiting until things are really bad, or going straight to the emergency department placing increasing pressure on health services there.

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