Nico’s travelog Day 4: Ashburton and Christchurch

We got our first drenching today on day 4 of the roadshow in Ashburton. The cutouts fared ok, the stats on each profession however, not so much. We had originally intended to change all of the stats for each area to highlight the extent of underfunding in each DHB, however political interference has meant that we’ve needed to get the Ombudsman involved in the official OIA request for these figures. So until those figures come through, we need to keep our original figures looking spick and span. A quick print job later, and we were back in action, just in time for set up in Christchurch.

We had our biggest turnout in terms of volunteers here. So a massive thank you to all who turned up and made setup a breeze. We’re starting to get setup and pack down running like a well oiled machine. Which is one of the reasons people are talking to us, because they really feel strongly that these stories need to be told. And as Patrice told us yesterday, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil”. What that means for us is continuing getting out there and making sure peoples stories are being told, making that noise louder until it’s a deafening roar that can’t be ignored.

But the challenges that people are facing out there is truly heart breaking. Christchurch mental health services are straining under the weight of the need that is out there in the community. Staff are burning out and leaving the profession, meaning mental health units are woefully understaffed, leading to patients missing out on the care they need, when they need it. Christchurch has been through enough, it’s time to make our voices heard.

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