Nico’s travelog day 2: Invercargill and Dunedin

Day 2 of the roadshow started at a more civilised hour today. After yesterdays blustery start we were optimistically hopeful for more favourable conditions.
Invercargill started off promising, then dealt us another challenging day. High winds forced our already overstretched health worker cutouts to continue doing their best in less than ideal circumstances. With one casualty succumbing to the winds, we licked our wounds and hitched a ride good bye pork pie style to Dunedin.
On our second action of the day, we were finally able to install all 200 of our missing health worker cutouts on the lawn in front of the old iconic railway station. Each cutout symbolises 100 of the 20,000 missing health workers from our health service. The imagery was striking, with passerby’s being drawn into the conversation about why our health service isn’t providing the care it should.
We heard from a range of people about their experiences and frustrations with New Zealand’s health service. One local had a four hour wait to be seen in a south island emergency department, only to be told they needed to go to another hospital two and a half hours away. Another has been waiting four years just to get a specialist appointment in order to get on a waiting list for surgery.
The stories keep on coming, and we’re only just getting started. Tomorrow we’re off to Oamaru and Timaru for day 3 of the roadshow
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